Neil Mathison


Horton Point
"Horton Point" appeared in the Northwest Review in 2004, a magazine sadly in abeyance. The essay is part of an essay collection now circulating that explores heritage, boats, and the sea.

An Bien
"An Bien" is Mathison's first published short story, appearing in Pangolin Papers in 1999. The story is now part of a collection of loosely-linked tales set in the Vietnam and post-Vietnam war era that is currently circulating to publishers.

Volcano: An A to Z
"Volcano: An A to Z" appeared in the Southern Humanities Review, Fall 2008 issue. The essay form is an abcedarian in which Mathison investigates what living in the presence of Mount Rainier has meant to him, but also to others in the shadow of other volcanoes. The essay was recognized as a notable essay in Best American Essays 2010.

Selected Works

When is it too late? A divorced spouse demands an annulment.
A navy sailor faces choices and challenges on a Vietnamese river during the war.
Mathison explores how his seagoing ancestors may have drawn him to the sea.
This essay explores what it means to live in the shadow of an active volcano.

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